Wednesday, February 7, 2018

Wednesday, February 7th: Consulate Appointment!

Helping brush teeth.  
Today was a big day! The long awaited Consulate Appointment was made for this morning! All of our China trip was scheduled around getting this appointment.
We got the girls up earlier than usual to allow and hour to eat breakfast. They really do eat that slowly! In the meantime I get to talk to other adoptive moms sitting around me 😊.
At the US Consulate to get her Visa!
We met our driver at 8:30 and made our way to the medical office to pick up Lottie’s completed medical report. Our guide was there waiting. She gave us instructions on how to do everything, then walked us across the street to the US Consulate building. We weren’t allowed to bring anything in but our documents and a few small necessities. We got upstairs and the wait began. While there I saw a seminary classmate with their adopted son! We also saw a family from Paducah with whom we have mutual friends. It really is a small world! About ten other families had the same appointment time as us all waited turns. The kids had a small play area to the side. It was so loud since it was a marble floored, glasses in room! We couldn’t hear our name being called so kept guessing and had to go back. Finally our turn came and we handed over the final required documents, including Lottie’s passport issued by her province. And then we were done!
Now we wait two days to receive her visa to exit China, and upon arrival on US soul, she’s officially an American citizen!
With Cordelia, our guide in Guangzhou
We stopped by a store on the way back to the hotel to get one final gift, and while we were in that area, went in The White Swan Hotel, which used to be where all the American adoptive families stayed. There was a red couch there that was used for group photos of the baby girls adopted back in the 90’s when China adoptions were at their peak. We had a photo taken there as well.
At the White Swan Hotel
On the infamous Red Couch!
The highest and most popular tower in Guangzhou
This afternoon we stuck near the hotel and took advantage of another day without cold weather. It was 60 again! We walked with Lottie in the stroller and went to a nearby park on a lake. It was beautiful. Decorations were going up for Chinese New Year and lots of families were walking around. The girls enjoyed the outdoor exercise equipment first. The stares we got! Then we went to the playground. Parents stopped to watch us play with our girls like we were a sideshow. The girls didn’t pay any attention. Lottie was slower getting around but didn’t mind other Chinese kids running around her. When they went down the slide behind her before she was able to stand up Mama stepped in! Anna Faith loved being a big help to her. She was very brave to try new things! She even held onto the monkey bars for 1/2 second at a time without help! Her teeth gritted as she worked.
After naps we went to the same restaurant we’ve been to for 3 nights. It is over a mile’s walk to eat there but it only costs $5 to have two big dishes for all of us to eat from. Kris loves it because it has pulled noodles 😊.
When we got back to the hotel we actually found a decent English speaking movie on: a Herbie movie! Anna Faith loved it. Lottie doesn’t watch tv at all, even Chinese cartoons. I wonder if she has to strain her eyes to see it so doesn’t try.
At bedtime Lottie kept motioning she wanted to sit on the toilet. We tried this last week and she was too weak to hold herself on and we decided to wait until she could sit on an adapted seat. We let her try again and she held on AND went! Once again our girl wowed us today.
Whenever she achieves something she gains more confidence and dignity. I can’t imagine how it must feel to be 5 years old and see kids a third your age doing things you want to do, but you are too weak or uncoordinated  to do it. I saw her at the playground looking at other children play, and wondered what was going through her young mind. Yet she still smiled and she laughed when she couldn’t do something. She never gave up and never cried in frustration. That attitude is going to take this girl places!

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