Tuesday, February 6, 2018

February 6th: Trip to Baiyun Mountain

FaceTime with brothers over breakfast
Today was another day to explore Guangzhou. For our one tour included in our agency’s travel fees, we chose to go to Baiyun Mountain. It sounded very beautiful. We decided to wait until today to go because the weather was supposed to be around 60 degrees and sunny. It was a great choice!
Pushing a buggy for the first time
Confucious Temple Market area 
We met our guide after breakfast and stopped first at a department store in the city. I got Chinese New Year decorations and some candy for gifts. Then we headed to the mountain!
There is a lot of preparation going on for Chinese New Year since it is just 10 days away. Huge displays, flowers, and decorations are popping up in parks, restaurants, and other businesses.,
We bought tickets to the cable car and rode up. It was a long ride! Lottie wasn’t that scared, but she may have not realized how high up we were because of her lack of depth perception.
View from the mountain of Guangzhou
When we got to the top we could see a gorgeous view of the city! Because of smog it wasn’t crystal clear but we could see a huge amount of buildings and landscape.
A painting of the cable car before we got on
We hiked a little towards one peak until Anna Faith got a little tired. Lottie spent a lot of time in her stroller because of all the walking but we let her explore at the lookouts. She really seemed to enjoy it!
We took a trolley back down and got back to the hotel for naps. The girls didn’t want to wake up for dinner. Teasing Lottie by giving her zurburts didn’t do any favors. I actually scared her! She doesn’t get our teasing and joking or pulling faces at her yet. Our humor is a little strange!
Today Lottie showed she is understanding more English by doing things when we only said to do them in English. We use some gestures but she is catching on! She’s a smart girl.
She is beginning to want to do things on her own now that she’s realizing what she is capable of. She won’t hold our hand if the surface of the sidewalk is flat. She wants to feed herself and pushes away help with her fork or spoon at times. Tonight she even got out her shoes herself and tried to begin putting them on without help! Lottie has spunk and determination that will take her a long way.
Tonight we put the girls to bed early because we have to get up early for our very last appointment: the American Consulate! They will give final approval for Lottie’s visa tomorrow so it can be issued on Friday.
I am getting sick of restaurants. Eating at one for every meal for the 15th day is making me almost sick. What I would do for a home cooked American meal right now! Poor Lottie thinks her new family doesn’t eat at home (home to her is a hotel room right now). She has so much change still coming.

Going up the mountain via cable car
Photo by the Guangdong province flower

View of Guangzhou
At a little waterfall on the mountain

Loving Daddy's sunglasses
Forever Sister

Practicing crawling to her pillow on the bed
Loving on her to wake her up

Now you get a zurburt!  She wasn't happy about it...

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