Monday, February 5, 2018

February 5, 2018: Touring Chen Clan Ancestral Hall

Today was a second day on our own. We FaceTimed with the boys, ate a slow breakfast downstairs and made our way by taxi to the Chen Clan Ancestral Hall and folk art museum. This place was absolutely amazing. The craftsmanship of the wood, stone, ivory, and architectural detail blew us away! There were subtitled  vidoes and many displays in English so we could learn about the history of this amazing place and the culture surrounding that time period (late 1800’s).
Etched glass from the west with eastern art.  A very rare combination
Anna Faith was a little tired today. History doesn’t make her excited so I had to get creative to keep her interested in what we were seeing.

We wandered around outside the museum until we found a small local restaurant , then got a taxi to the airport
By now the weather was sunny and in the upper 50’s. Yay! My coat came off!
We shopped near the hotel at an outlet type shopping area hidden in the back of a building, and got some dresses for the girls when they are bigger.
We took nap shifts and Kris got in the bath tub to have light to read with. Ha ha, whatever makes him comfortable!
For dinner we discovered a small Muslim noodle shop about 1/2 mike down the road and got some good food for a low budget!
Today Lottie repeated “Hi” and hopped up and down once! We taught her how to crawl into her spot in bed after being lifted into it. She’s catching on to new skills and even grunts with effort. She waits for cheers and even claps for herself.
Tomorrow we see our guide and will go on a tour with her to a park. Only 3 more full days in Guangzhou!

Nap time for the girls = reading time for Daddy

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