Sunday, February 4, 2018

February 4: Shopping on Shamian Island

Matching shirts today
Today was our first of four free days we have in Guangzhou while waiting for Lottie’s visa to be issued. We all slept in today and ate a relaxed big breakfast downstairs. I talked more with other adoptive families in the dining hall. One family gave us a beautiful card with a photo of their 11th child (they were here adopting the 12th) and shared her story, linking it to the Gospel of Jesus Christ. It was so beautiful I cried. She told me I have permission to steal her idea!
We FaceTimed with Nathanael this morning. Lottie saw him and Beth, our friend the boys are spending the weekend with. She could repeat Beth’s name and called Nathanael “Nat”! We were so proud!
The famous spot for adopted kids' photos
We headed out to find a taxi to take us to Shamian Island, a historic spot across a canal about 10 minutes away. We loved shopping there when we got Anna Faith. Unfortunately it was colder than predicted and cloudy and windy, which wasn’t in the forecast. We froze, again!
Shamian Island
We did buy some wonderful gifts though. The girls now have one special  gift each for every Gotcha Day until their 18th birthdays. We got gifts for family and friends too. Anna Faith’s one souvenir she has wanted for months from China was a Chinese umbrella. She got one today and was just on top of the world!’ The stroller was put to good use. We put another 5 miles on it today. Lottie was a champ.
It was hard getting a taxi to come back. But we figured out why when we met the driver. He was willing to hear our story of hope in knowing our Father. We pray a seed planted in his heart as he heard it for the first time.
Beautiful old buildings
With the ladies of A Gift From China
We had the girls lie down to rest , then ventured out in the cold, windy night for dinner. We found a local restaurant hidden upstairs with some very interesting dishes. They did have some familiar Chinese food for us though! We didn’t, however, choose the fermented snakes in a jar whose juices were drunk to get intoxicated.
Lottie ate her first green vegetable for us tonight: broccoli!
Snake wine.  Yuck!
Eating broccoli.  
We got back to the hotel and chilled out for a while. We worked some more with Lottie, trying to train her to take off her jacket and pants. She is getting shoes and socks off pretty well now. She can get bigger jackets off too, just not unzip them.
She is starting to understand some of our frequently used English words as well. We are starting to pull away from 100% Chinese since she’s getting comfortable with us now. She’s going to be thrown into English in a week so we’re slowly transitioning to help her learn. She’s a smart girl!
Anna Faith is trying to get her to pull herself into bed. She hoists her up by the bottom and pushes with all her strength but Lottie isn’t coordinated enough yet to lift her legs and crawl into her spot in the bed. It will come!
Tonight like every night this past week I kissed Lottie goodnight and turned my cheek for her to kiss me back, like I have done every night to give her a chance.. She has never given us physical affection yet. I teased her to smack my cheek and for the first time she gave just the softest kiss! It melted my heart. She probably doesn’t even understand that kisses mean affection, but mama was loving it.
Every day we have little triumphs.

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