Saturday, February 3, 2018

February 3: Medical Exam and Exploring

We woke up this morning feeling rested. The beds in our new hotel are more Western style. After getting ready we went downstairs for breakfast. There are at least a dozen adoptive families who come to this hotel every week, because all China adoptions require the second week be spent in Guangzhou. This is one of the 3 or so top picks. The staff seat the adoptive families in the very back of the huge dining hall, probably because we are so social and stick out! I could hardly eat I was so happy to see so many sweet children with their new parents and siblings. I met a first time mom and one who was making her little girl their 12th! She was so encouraging as one of her daughters is like Lottie and us doing so well. The Lord always knows who to send our way!
We met our guide in this city and after copying some documents went to the medical office used by the Consulate to ensure the adoptive child is healthy enough to travel and has no communicable disease at this time. It is very chaotic because 40 families where going through the different exam rooms at the same time, with shell shocked, hurting or grieving kids.
Eating suckers in the hotel lobby
Lottie went into freeze mode again. We explained step by step what was happening and didn’t tell her about her needle stick until the end. I think since all her medical update was done a month ago the fear was still there. We were told she is very sensitive and cries when other kids cry. They were right. Little kids came out of the needle stick room after her (she shed a tear or too but tried to hold it in), but when she heard them cry her tears flew. What a tender heart she has! We moved her away from that room while we waited for documents to be signed off to leave. Kris walked away to check on the papers and Lottie reached for him and cried again! This was the first time she appeared attached to Kris like this to not want separation. A great sign of bonding.
We went to but train tickets we’ll need to go to Hong Kong to fly out on Saturday, then after sorting through documents with our guide in the hotel we went looking for Muslin noodles for lunch. These noodles are a big favorite of Kris and me. We hadn’t eaten them since our trip to get Anna Faith!
The closest shop on a map made by previous families was closed for renovations. But the other one several blocks away was open! It was worth carrying Lottie on his shoulders for a mile or two to get them. The girls loved them too!
Muslim Noodles
Our next item of business was finding a stroller for Lottie. With all the walking we’re going to do outdoors this week we really needed one. She just can’t walk well enough to make it for miles a day. The hotel no longer rented them out, so we started searching the area around us on foot. A huge mall across the street hadn’t opened yet. Uggh. None of the local small shops sold them. The hotel next door suggested we take a taxi to a department store in another part of the city. Then we stumbled upon a small market area tucked between the hotels. In the back were souvenirs and salespeople asking us to buy their stuff. Kris asked a random woman where we could get a stroller. Her eyes lit up: she went to a pile along the wall and underneath some clothes picked out a brand new large kid stroller! She wanted a lot for it, but Kris got her down to a decent price. Thank you, Lord!
We stopped by McDonalds on the way back to the hotel for nap time and got the girls ice cream. Seeing Lottie’s reaction was priceless. She had never eaten anything cold before but loved the taste!
First real taste of ice cream
After naps we tried to find a quick meal near the hotel and ate at a Chinese restaurant that served scrambled eggs and French fries. Both girls were in hog heaven.
Scrambled eggs and fries
Eating a sandwich with gloves they provide
The night capped off with Lottie’s first bubble bath. She had a blast! Anna Faith wanted to join her and they had a big time. I love seeing my girls together. How we have waited so long for these moments.
Every day Lottie gets more comfortable with us and we get to see the hidden away Lottie more. We now call her Boo about as much as we use her Chinese name Yi Fan. Before long it will switch over to Lottie. Today we started using just English in some situations to try to get her to figure out what we were saying. She’s a smart girl and us following cues and is realizing what we are asking. Tonight with lots of effort and a few grunts she took off both shoes and socks and only needed a little help with her jacket. These are all milestones, and every new accomplishment is followed by cheers! This little girl has a will to thrive!
Bubble Bath!

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