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February 2, 2018: Travel to Guangzhou

Ready to travel!
February 2nd is a very special day to us! That’s because one year ago today we saw Lottie’s face for the first time. I never will forget the first time I laid eyes on each of my 5 children. For the boys it was birth, but for the girls, they were on a long listing of unchosen orphans because of their special needs. We got to choose both of them! Out of millions of faces, when I saw them I knew: that is my daughter.
With our guide in Nanjing, Anne
Today started with letting the girls sleep in some. We knew the day would be a long one with little time to rest. We chatted on FaceTime with the boys and then went to breakfast. Then the couple hours of packing began. We had to buy a 4th suitcase while here because of receiving and buying so many gifts. They barely fit! Kris is hoping I will be slowing down in Guangzhou.
We got packed and then went to the attached mall to get lunch. We decided today was a good day to introduce Lottie to pizza! She wasn’t too crazy about it, but it had lots of toppings she wasn’t familiar with.
After lunch we loaded down all the suitcases and headed to the lobby. There was so.mych.stuff!
We made great time to the airport:only ab hour in traffic. Our guide allowed for two. We had to pick up Lottie’s Chinese passport on the way because the officials waited until the last possible hour to have it completed. We needed it for the medical exam in Guangzhou tomorrow!
Ready for takeoff!
At the airport things got stressful. They wouldn’t accept Lottie’s passport as proper identification. Even the guide was baffled. Fortunately we had a Chinese birth certificate issued and they accepted that. Then when the airline employee got to the 4th suitcase she announced our luggage was too heavy! We weren’t told our luggage needed to be 5 lbs lighter on this flight. Our guide didn’t understand pound/kg conversion rates. We thought we had already been charged for the first 3 bags being overweight but the employee gave us a pass and we just had to remove 3 lbs from one bag and put it in our carry on. Ahhh!
Killing time at the gate
Lottie was mesmerized by all the people at the airport. I found it funny people tried to speak English to her, thinking she had been with us a while. They got a blank stare back. Then others spoke to Anna Faith in Chinese! Once again, a stare and shrug (she forgets how to say in Chinese she doesn’t understand because she’s an American). The funniest thing was in security when a worker looked at the two girls standing to the side as I was being frisked and asked in Chinese “where are these girls’ parents?” I answered in Chinese “They are my daughters!” The reaction was priceless.
View of Guangzhou from the air
We had plenty of time before boarding but that was good. With no stroller and a very slow walking girl who was also curious, it took a long time to get to the gate. Our flight was on time, yay!
Lottie seemed to understand what a plane was and was excited about it. When we got on with all the other people and she was confined to a seat she wasn’t so excited anymore. She was too small to see out the window. On take off she went into shock but soon adjusted again. This was a good trial run for our next flight in a week which will be 14 hrs long! This one only took 2 1/2!
When we arrived at the Guangzhou Airport it was very windy. They made us unboard on the runway and take a bus to the terminal. Poor Lottie just fell asleep and couldn’t make her legs work at all. So Kris managed to carry her and his carry on and bag while Anna Faith and I handled the rest. It took another hour to get our bags and wait for our driver to show up, then a 45 minute ride to the hotel and 20 minutes to check in. By then it was almost 11:00. The girls fell asleep on the ride to the hotel and we carried them to their beds. What a day!
Tuckered out and ready for bed
Our hotel room is very nice, but smaller. We are comfortable though, and happy to have a bathtub now. We are also centrally located and can get around easily by subway. It will be nice since we have 3 full days to kill with nothing scheduled while waiting on Lottie’s Visa. I’m looking forward also to shedding my winter coat , gloves and hat! It’s unseasonably cold here as well, but still in the upper 50’s to 60’s every day and sunny. We’ll take it!

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