Saturday, February 3, 2018

February 1,2018: Shopping and touring Nanjing

Photo by the hotel lobby
Learning to put on her shoes!
Today was an exhausting day. It got up to 40 degrees and was sunny so we bundled up after breakfast and attempted to get some local shopping done about 20 minutes walk from the hotel to the Confucius Temple Market. It is an outdoor shopping area with tourist shops and mall-type stores.  It would only take me 5 minutes to walk there, bu Lottie walks very slowly. She absolutely loves to be out walking though. So we try to be patient. After an hour of getting some special items for gifts from her province Kris decided to put her on his shoulders. She loves that too, and we can move faster. Because of the lack of stimulation and movement a normal child experiences, to walk, fall, be tossed, tickled, dipped up and down, etc is exhilarating to her. It’s what her brain craves for development. Instead of crying when she bumps herself, she laughs!
eating yogurt- a messy eater!
CNY decorations outside the mall by our hotel

Confuscious Temple Market
We went to McDonalds for a quick lunch before meeting our guide for a tour. Lottie tried her first French fries and loved them! She got a little taste of Kris’ ice cream and didn’t want more- too shocking when she only has eaten room temperature or warm food her whole life!
Trying a french fry for the first time
We met our guide and went to the Nanjing History Museum. It was a massive building with exhibits throughout of artifacts and stories of dynasties, wars, and accomplishments through the centuries in this region. I took lots of pictures for Lottie to have later. Her province has such a unique history unlike other provinces. Because there was so much walking and lots of crowds we tried to rent Lottie a stroller, but only infant strollers were available. So we got her a wheelchair. Anna Faith loved pushing her! Many places weren’t wheelchair accessible so Kris carried her up and down flights of stairs. It gave me a much deeper appreciation for handicap accessible places.
We returned to the hotel so the girls could take a short nap. Between our shopping and the museum we walked five miles! We woke them up and met our guide and our agency coordinator for dinner at a special Nanjing restaurant. It was very beautifully decorated to resemble the city hundreds of years ago. The dishes were specific to Nanjing. Some we liked, some we didn’t. What is amazing is that every city we go to in China has several special dishes they claim as theirs. You never get the same type of local dish twice when traveling China!
Lottie hasn’t had a huge appetite since she came to us, but she ate lots of food tonight. The meat dishes were her favorite:duck, roasted pork, fried fish, and beef. She’s not a fan of vegetables though. Maybe I can get her to like mine 😉.
We got into our room in plenty of time for showers. We prepared Lottie for another traumatic experience. This time she didn’t cry but still hated it. We look forward to getting her home to her bathtub!
She FaceTimed with her brothers again today. I think it’s starting to click that they aren’t videos, but her brothers talking to her live. She tried to repeat Micah’s name and called him “cah”, and called Josiah “chu”. We cheered!!!!
Tomorrow is travel to Guangzhou day. We are so ready for warmer weather!

Eating Dinner with Anne, Lu, and her son William

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