Wednesday, January 31, 2018

January 30: Officially Ours!

Ready for her Adoption Day!
I am posting about today a day late because we were so exhausted last night and everyone slept until 6:45 the next morning! But I want this day to be forever remembered so will make a special entry for today.
Signing Papers.  A lot of fears coming back today
I was awake  early again. Lottie cried quite a bit in her sleep and woke up some too. When she got up at 6:30 she cried a lot in fear. She didn’t know where she was. After lots of reassurance and turning on the lights she calmed down.
With the orphanage staff
We got ready to leave for the Civil Affairs Office by gathering documents, snacks, tote toys and drinks, then headed down for breakfast. Lottie was somewhat overwhelmed by all the food. She is accustomed to eating one thing every morning. She ended up just drinking 2 cups of yogurt.
We loaded the van with our guide at 8:30 then headed to the office. We were the first ones there which was great! No waiting! There were about 7 other families who adopted in our province this week. All but one got boys. They were all younger than Lottie from what we could tell.
We filled out questions about why we were adopting, promised to never harm her or abandon her, signed a bunch of documents and fingerprinted them. Then we went to another desk where a notary had us fill out more paperwork. We paid some fees and gave the officials gifts, then were told congratulations! She was ours!
Three of the orphanage workers came out to see us again and collect some of the documents. We were able to ask a few more questions. They presented us with a Yixing tea pot and we took a photo with them. Then we were free to go!
Lottie froze again today while we were there. She doesn’t like all the people and noise and seeing the workers made her scared and confused. Even explaining she’s staying with us didn’t seem to help. She is going through so much in her heart and mind, and can’t explain it at all since she only says a handful of words.
View of Nanjing from our hotel window
After we returned we got some lunch near the hotel and did some shopping for souvenirs and gifts. Lottie loves to walk. It empowers her. She would walk and walk with the biggest smile and then fall down from exhaustion and laugh at herself. I can’t imagine what it must have been like to never get to walk but a short distance down a hall each day and sit or lie in a crib the rest. She loves to move!
When she got too weak kneed Kris carried her on his shoulders. When we are out we always hold one or both of her hands because she has no depth perception. Any bump of curve on the sidewalk is not seen and she trips and falls.
Our official photo!
The girls got.naps in the afternoon, then we went back out. This is the coldest it has been in Nanjing that the locals can remember. We were freezing outside walking so kept it as short as possible.
The girls fell asleep immediately after going to bed tonight. What a gift!
Happy with Daddy
Today began a new chapter for our family. We are officially a family of 7. The reality of what lies ahead for us sunk in for Kris today. Lottie has a long road ahead of her. But she is teachable and wants to catch up. We know God did not make a mistake when He led us to her. Our faith will be strengthened in this journey as we continue to trust Him in each step. He is so good!
Lottie still will not show affection, but she really likes us know. She wants to be with us. She nods her head and smiles when we ask her if she loves us. As Love is modeled to her, with time she will learn how to return it. She is trying to say a couple new words today and has made some new signs to communicate what she wants. She is a smart girl!
Tomorrow is our orphanage visit day. We know it will be hard, but very necessary for all of us. We need to go to understand her story and got her to have closure and have photos and video of her beginnings here. May the Lord give us strength!


Nap time.

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