Saturday, January 27, 2018

January 27: Tour of Beijing

Today was another amazing day in Beijing! We woke up early, again(thanks jet lag) and went to the nearby mall to eat breakfast. There was a McDonalds but we were craving bakery bread! Bakeries in China make great breads that can be eaten for breakfast. We got enough for breakfast tomorrow too! We had to hunt down drinks, but found fresh squeezed juice at another restaurant. After that we needed to change our money but the banks weren’t open. At 10:00 we got in and had to wait 45 minutes to get it changed. What a pain! Our ride had to wait for us at the hotel but they were very gracious.
Vickie and her sister, and Vincent’s parents took us to Tianmen Square . It was about 20 degrees, overcast and windy. We waited at least 30 minutes outdoors to go through security, then could enter the square. It was huge! There were people everywhere, but very few foreigners. We were stared at a lot. 2 men even asked to have my picture taken with them!
We left the square and entered the Forbidden City. It was massive! It was impossible to see everything so we walked past the main buildings and took lots of pictures of signs to read later. We were getting so cold we stopped in a tiny cafe/gift store and got hot chocolate to warm up. Then we finished the grounds and got picked up by Vincent’s parents on the other side. They then took us to Kentucky Fried Chicken for a late lunch. We saw a group of middle schoolers studying English and wanted to talk to them but they were scared of us!
Then we were taken to the old district to do shopping. This is an ancient part of Beijing that still is preserved and used for local artisans to sell their wares. We saw lots of beautiful items, some extremely expensive!
We then went to a famous Chinese Restaurant and and ate more famous Beijing dishes with Vincent’s parents, Vicky and her sister. The food was amazing! I counted 13 dishes they ordered for us.
We headed back to the hotel after dinner and walked around the mall, just the three of us. The mall was extremely high end. One top in a store was over $400, a dress in a window $2,000. Needless to say, no souvenirs were bought tonight.
Kris and Anna Faith crashed upon arriving back in our room.
Tomorrow starts a new journey, to Nanjing by train! 2 more days until Lottie is in our arms!

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