Friday, January 26, 2018

January 26:The Great Wall

Today we made some bucket list memories! We went to breakfast at our new hotel, on the edge of a newly developing part of Beijing, and we’re the only ones in the huge restaurant! A waitress greeted us and hurried of to notify the cook. Now that’s a first! About 10 minutes later she appeared with plates of food for us. Anna Faith was very happy to see a fried egg and rice! In China you never know what you will be served, unless you order it (correctly). We didn’t order but got the perfect food anyway.
We took off with Vicki and her family to The Great Wall and drove about 1 1/2 hours or more. The Wall was amazing! It was 26 degrees outside and small drifts of snow were along the top of the wall. We rode in a lift car that had been ridden by Hillary Clinton years before.
The air was so clear that we had excellent views. As far as we could see the wall went to the east and west of where we stood. It truly is a wonder how it could have been built. And it is no wonder thousands of people died building it.
Anna Faith wore out after half a mile of climbing and stairs so we didn’t go as far as we would have liked. But it was a great adventure for all of us.
After the climb we went to eat at Viki’s Dad’s friend’s restaurant nearby. We were served an abundance of food! Her dad’s four friends were very jovial and we toasted to a lot of family happiness 😉.
Then we went to a beautiful park on a lake. The kiddie rides were closed due to the cold so we only walked around and drank hot chocolate and green tea in a restaurant there.
Then we headed to downtown Beijing. It takes hours to drive through this massive city. The traffic is horrific. We met Vincent’s parents at a Beijing duck restaurant and had yet another big meal. It was delicious!
Now we are settled in to our second hotel, this one in downtown. It is much noisier outside the window. Tomorrow we explore the city!
I will be posting photos later to these posts of our trip , when we can access them.

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