Thursday, January 25, 2018

China Adoption Trip January 23-25: Travel!

Nashville Airport bright and early!
Travelling is something that is necessary, but can be absolutely exhausting! We began our trip Tuesday afternoon, after a very tearful goodbye to our three boys. It was so hard to let them go. Because they have iPads they can write us frequently and FaceTime us when we are both awake. China is 14 hours ahead of Central Standard Time so we only overlap a few hours a day.
We got a hotel near the Nashville airport so we could wake up at 4:00 to get our 7:30 am flight to Chicago. Then after a 2 hour layover, we took our second flight to Beijing.
Our flights went well! Anna Faith loved having a window seat. At one point she looked out and exclaimed “It’s such a big world!” We had gorgeous views of the arctic and northern China as we flew in. 
Waiting to board
Because of all the excitement and cramped seating it was difficult to sleep on our 14 hour international flight. Anna Faith crashed as soon as we got in a vehicle, and barely woke up all evening while we were out.
Our former university host student and friend Vickie met us at the airport. We brought for her an engagement ring her fiancé (also our former host student) Vincent bought from where he works in  Pakistan. They have quite the long distance relationship, just like Kris and I do. He is coming in next week on vacation so they can be married. They arranged pick up of the ring where it was purchased  in Nashville so we could hand deliver it to her. 
View of Beijing
View of northern China
Vickie is going to take us on tours until the 28th when we take a train to Nanjing to get Lottie. 
View of the Great Wall from the air!
First she took us to a very nice restaurant. Anna Faith slept through the whole meal! Vickie’s parents, grandparents, and little sister attended and ate with us. The meal lasted two hours! Then they brought us to a new hotel near her apartment. I’m lying in bed early because of jet lag, but soon we’ll be getting ready and loading up to see the Great Wall! It’s a high of 30 degrees so we brought long John’s 😉.
I can’t post pictures to the blog currently but will try again later.
China has social media restrictions we have to work around so updating is a challenge. We want to share our story and record it for Lottie as well, so will do our best to keep trying!
Thanks so much for your prayers!

Meeting Vickie in the airport!

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