Tuesday, November 14, 2017

1-797C, 1-800a, Visa Applications, GUZ, and DS-260!

The title to this post can be mind boggling, especially to the person responsible for keeping track of it all!  In the last two weeks I have spent countless hours combing over instructions, forms, postage requirements, tracking numbers, email correspondence and returned phone calls to get every step of our immigration of Lottie right the first time.  And every time a step is completed, I rush to do the next one so as not spare even an hour that could be wasted.
We are down to the wire, y'all.  Part of me is so excited to know that everything has been mailed, the last form has been sent via email, and after (hopefully) tomorrow all we get to do is wait, pray, and received updates until it is time to buy tickets!

Here is a time line of what has led up to this point for those interested:

10- 2011 Initially felt the call to adopt at least 2 girls

03-07-2013 Brought home our first daughter, Anna Faith, from China

01- 2015 Began the process to domestically adopt our second daughter

04- 2015 Began the process to host our first orphan from Eastern Europe in hopes to adopt her

02-2016 Applied to become foster parents after adoption plans were disrupted and still no domestic
adoption match

02- 2017 Withdrew from the foster program, never having had a call for placement (we moved states)

02- 2017 Withdrew from domestic adoption search/listing (never chosen after 2 years)

02-11-2017 Found Lottie Hope on a waiting list and applied for pre-approval from China to adopt her

05-29-2017  International Home Study Complete

06-02-2017 1800a application submitted with USCIS (immigration preliminary approval)

07-19-2017  1800a Immigration approval received

08-17-2017 Dossier Documents certified/authenticated

08-22-2017 Dossier sent to China

09-12-2017 Log-In-Date received from CCCWA in Beijing

10-20-2017 Letter of Acceptance from China

10-24-2017 I800 paperwork submitted to USCIS

10-31-2017 I800 provisional approval application received and 1-797C sent

11-07-2017 I800 provisional approval given and sent in mail

11-07-2017 Information for visa sent by USCIS to National Visa Center

11-14-2017 GUZ number given, DS-260 submitted to the US Dept of State

11-14-2017 Visa applications for Kris and Tonya submitted to the China Consulate in Chicago

11-    -2017 Information for Lottie's visa cabled to the US Embassy in Guangzhou by the NVC

11-   - 2017 Article 5 letter received

          2017  Article 5 letter couriered to the CCCWA in Beijing (typically 14 days from receipt)

          2017  Travel Approval received from CCCWA in Beijing (typically 2-5 days later)

          2017  Apply for Consulate Appointment in Guangzhou (within a day of Travel Approval)

          2017   Receive Consulate Appointment (1 business day after Travel Approval)

          2017  Travel to China! (About 2 weeks after Consulate Appointment given, sometimes 3 weeks)

As you can see, after a total of 6 years of praying and waiting, there are very few blanks left to be filled!  This is where we need more prayer than ever.  The next step could very well be done tonight or tomorrow morning.  If so, we can have the Article 5 submitted on Thursday 11/16.  That means it can be couriered to Beijing the week of Lottie's 5th birthday.  That also means there is a chance we can receive Travel Approval as soon as her BIRTHDAY on 12/06!  If we receive travel approval that soon, with the way consulate appointments are trending, it is likely we will travel to China either the week before or the week after Christmas!  We could either have our Lottie as a Christmas Day or New Year's Day gift! That is because they fall on Mondays, the only day of the week when most provinces in China deliver their child to the parents.  Obviously, the former date is better, but we are overjoyed it is all coming together.

Could you please pray specifically for these dates:

1.Pray that the information for Lottie's Visa is sent and we get a copy of the email tonight or tomorrow morning- this means a 4 day jump in when the next step can be completed.

2.Pray that Travel Approval comes the week of her birthday, specifically ON her birthday December 6th

3.Pray that we can get a Consulate Appointment for the first week of January- then we can travel and get Lottie on Christmas Day.

The chances of all of these events falling together are POSSIBLE, but every detail has to be perfect.   God ordains everything perfectly, and He listens to the specific prayers of His children.  We can see His hand moving in this timeline to show out that He is in control.  We had closed door after closed door and heartbreak for 2 years for a reason. We had multiple delays earlier this year for a reason.  Things are moving on time at this point for a reason.  If there is a setback in the final steps, that is also for a reason.  But we know now that in the end, our daughter will most likely be in our arms in 48 days or less!  I'm in major nesting mode right now!

Thank you for your support and intercession.  We love being on this journey with you!

Lottie (on the left) with her Nanny and friends 

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