Friday, October 27, 2017

Updates on Lottie!

So I'm totally smitten!  Our update on Lottie has arrived!  She has grown so much this year, and is almost as big as her big sister!  
The best news is she KNOWS us now!  She loves to look at our photo book we were allowed to send, and can identify every member of her family when their name is called.  She is especially fixated with her big sister <3 
We got 2 videos and saw how she is progressing.  She is learning how to feed herself right now, which is great!  She is also learning to climb stairs!  This is especially good since her bedroom is upstairs :-).  Her favorite activities include going on slides.  Guess it's time to mount that slide we've had sitting in our yard all year!
It is likely she is still confined to a crib most of the day because now that she has a family coming for her the welfare institute won't be investing in her development and education.  They know she will reach her potential when she goes home.
Our immigration documents are now in the hands of officials who will process them.  Please pray for no complications and nothing being lost in the mail.  We had a big scare when the 39 pages we sent went missing in the tracking system for over a day.  They finally made it, but it makes it hard to trust our postal service.  Postal errors have already happened to us a few times this year.
Enjoy the pictures <3 We can't wait to look into those beautiful eyes soon!
And the little boys in the photos with her- they are her best friends. <3 I pray they find families soon if they haven't already!

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