Friday, January 15, 2016

When He Doesn't Part the Waters

Our generation lives in a culture of "Just name it and claim it".  Especially if it is a good thing, a God-honoring thing, it must be His will to give it to us, right?  If we are God's children we are entitled to His gifts and blessings! No, this is not my mentality at all as a believer.  I am sickened by feel good "pastors" who flood news feeds on Facebook with their quotes about God's blessing us if we trust Him.
If you want to figure out what God's purposes really are, don't go to Joel Olsteen or Joyce Meyers.  Go to God's Word.  Read how He is jealous for His glory, not our blessings.  He wants to accomplish His purposes, not our wants.  He does seek to care for His children, but He is all-wise and we should trust Him when He answers our prayers with a "No."

So many of you have been cheering us on our adoption journey, especially with our heart for hosting "L" from Eastern Europe.  You have been hoping with us for a great outcome with this second hosting, longing to see her experience the love of a forever family who wishes for her to have hope and a future as our daughter.  Many of you have texted me, asked about her in person, and written comments under photos. Thank you so much for your concern and burden for her salvation and future.  The church needs more compassion for orphans, and you have shown you truly care. 

I regret to tell you all that God didn't part the waters this time.  We came into hosting not trying to set our expectations high, but we still found ourselves looking hard for evidence that "L" wanted to be adopted.  Unfortunately, it's not going to work out.  We are crushed and heartbroken, but have tried to still love her as our honorary daughter and understand that many orphans who come to America don't sign up for adoption.  They agree to hosting: an experience of fun, travel, learning English, and being in an American home with a family that will love them.  She wasn't obligated to agree to adoption, so we shouldn't be angry at her or resent her mindset during hosting.  
Fortunately, "L" has been exposed to the Gospel.  We have given her a Bible in her language, have taught her how to read it, and have shared the Gospel as best we could communicate it to her. She is also going home to a foster sister who accepted Christ while she was being hosted with a different family in a different part of the country!  She is also connected now by Facebook and has made contact since arriving home on Thursday night.  We hope and pray for a continued relationship with her so we can encourage her, share with her, and know how to pray for her.  We also pray she can be hosted by another family in the United States this summer who can love her and encourage her as we have.

So where does that leave us now in our adoption journey?  In a month we will be approaching the one year mark since officially becoming paper pregnant again.  We have called our adoption lawyer to ask about birth moms, and have been told several looked at our profile book this past year.  We were not picked, but we were glad to know there are birth moms in our area who are choosing life for their unborn children and desire to place them in adoptive homes.  Our book will continue to be shown at his office and in other locations where possible birth mothers may inquire about finding an adoptive family. We have also looked into other options and will share in the future if directions change again.  Please be in prayer as we walk through these doors of opportunity.

I know many of you want to know how, since we never had a social worker officially ask her again, that "L" doesn't want adoption.  Please respect our request to not pry, but just understand that this door has shut.  When God doesn't move in the way we pray for Him to move, that means He is just displaying His wisdom and goodness to withhold something He knows is not His best for us.  He is a good Father, and as an earthly father sometimes doesn't give his son or daughter something they ask for because he knows they don't need it, our Heavenly Father needs to be trusted as well.
We are trusting, waiting, and hoping while resting in the arms of a comforting, good Father.  He dries tears, fills pain with peace, and strengthens our weary hearts.
If any of you want more information about orphan hosting, please let me know.  While we didn't get to fill our desire to adopt through hosting, we did get the opportunity of a lifetime to invest in a girl who needed to know Christ and the love of a family.  She will hopefully always have us there for her in the future as well, and that is a wonderful comfort.  There are always children available to host through several different organizations who never get picked.  My heart grieves that those opportunities are lost for them.  If God is touching your heart to do this type of ministry, don't put it off.  Inquire and commit!  I'll never have regrets and you won't either.

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