Wednesday, April 22, 2015

She's coming, she's coming! But who she is may surprise you!

You all know we are in the process of waiting to adopt a baby girl domestically.  So far there has been significant movement to confirm to us that there are birth moms out there, but they aren't the mother of our daughter....yet.  So just to keep from leading you on, NO, we have not been matched with a birth mom at this time!  It could come at any day, any time, but THE phone call hasn't come to us.  It's God's perfect timing and perfect plan, and we are OK with that.

Eastern Europe
We do, however, have some special plans while we wait to see who the daughter God has in store for us is.  The doors have opened for us to host an orphan from Eastern Europe for five weeks this summer!  I can not share publicly online which country she is from and what her name is, so will simply call her our "L".  She is 10 years old, soon to be 11 this summer!  We have had our application to host approved, and are now awaiting further information about her file to be sent to us.  We are hosting with the organization New Horizons For Children.  They are a Christian based hosting group, not an adoption agency. Their goal is for each orphan to not only be exposed to the love of God through sharing and living out the Gospel to him or her for 5 weeks, but also to give the orphan hope in this life.  Many of the orphans hosted find their forever families while they are in the U.S.!  It is our prayer that we can not only lay down the foundation to teach her about Jesus, but also be instrumental in her finding a forever family in our area.

"The only thing God asks of me every day is to show up and bring my little bit of willingness"- Lisa TerKeurst

That is where YOU come in!  Kris and I want the word to spread like wildfire that we have a beautiful, precious girl coming to stay with us this summer.  If you are a part of our church or local community, we need YOU to help us love on her!  We will need help collecting either gently used or new clothes and shoes for her to wear while here and bring back to her country. Ask us about a general size (we have to guess based on her age and the fact that she's likely smaller than the average American girl).  She will need friends around her age to make her feel welcome when she participates in church activities.  She will need patience as she doesn't know much English.  Our family would love to have over any family who potentially would like to adopt her, whether we know them or they were told about "L" by word of mouth.  I will be able to share her picture when she arrives, but we have to follow specific guidelines for her privacy and the protection of the hosting program.  Please do NOT share her name, country, or photo on ANY social media outlet.  Never, ever, use the word or allude to adoption when in her presence (this is a strict rule we have promised to abide by).  Never give her a gift unless Kris and I know about it ahead of time and give permission (we also have been given strict guidelines regarding what she can bring back with her).
This is a new concept to us, and another step of faith.  We know it will be heartbreaking to put her back on the plane in early August.  We know our kids will get attached to a "big sister" for the summer, especially Anna Faith.  We know there could be a lot of stress if she comes with baggage, which all orphans have.  We know we may have a newborn baby girl come home while she's here (potentially) and our home will be turned upside down!  However, God doesn't call us to be comfortable.  He doesn't call us to play it safe and never take risks at loving and giving.  If we don't take this risk, there is a 60% chance "L" will fall prey into the sex trafficking industry when she ages out of the Eastern Europe foster/orphan system.  There is a 15% chance she will commit suicide within 2 years of aging out as well.  Just one summer of being exposed to love, stability, and family can completely transform her life, even if she isn't adopted later.  It will potentially give her hope and a future.

"You love as well as you are willing to be inconvenienced." Ann Voskamp

Please pray with us for "L".  Pray for her heart as she will undergo lots of changes, culture shock, and challenges.  Pray for our family as we prepare our hearts to take her in.  We would love to talk to anyone who is interested in hosting and point you in the right direction.  Most hosting programs for this summer have deadlines in May, so if you feel God is leading you to do this, you must act quickly!  The website for New Horizons is
I will close with a quote I was given at an Adoptive Mom's Retreat I attended last weekend (it was awesome by the way!):

 "Peace is submission to authority, not resignation from activity....  God is working in the waiting".

 I love this.  We are waiting for so much God has in store for us, but that doesn't mean we have to stare at an empty pack n' play in our bedroom.  We need to continue to see God working.  I am confident He is already, and will work in and through "L's" life and ours.  It's going to be a crazy, wild ride, but simply amazing!

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  1. Wow! This is exciting news! Lifting up Elle (sounds the same, so make it her name ) now!