Friday, February 6, 2015

We keep growing!

No, I'm not pregnant!  This family expansion is coming through adoption again!
Kris and I have always felt that adopting wouldn't be a one-time experience for us.  When God called us to adoption, He never told us how many, but to be open to however many children He laid on our hearts.  We seek obedience to Him, trusting by faith that this road He has called us to will be honoring and glorifying to Him. For the past year, we've been doing a lot of praying and waiting.
We had a mental checklist of things that had to be in order to feel the door was open for us to walk through another adoption.  One of the factors was my health, which is doing much better after getting treatment for a condition I was suffering from.  Other factors we felt would have to be in order have fallen into place as well (such as purchasing a minivan to fit us and finishing Anna Faith's surgeries), and after lots of calls and consultations, we began the home study process last week!

Home study paperwork- it's much less complicated this time!

This time around, we are adopting an entirely different way.  We are going domestic!  Three years ago we explored every type of adoption, from all the countries with programs to fostering to adopt to domestic newborn adoption.  The domestic route did not feel right as we were dissuaded by agencies here in Kentucky who said that our family with three biological sons would likely not be picked by a birthmother.  However, we have come to see that God can work in the heart of a birth mom to choose a large family just like a childless family.  It all depends on her wishes and His plan to bring a child into our family through her decision.  This requires a lot more faith than our putting in an application with a secure country that more or less will guarantee a child of our choosing to us within 12-15 months.  We are anxious and know that the Lord with stretch our faith through this.   Instead of us choosing her, her birth mom will choose US! Yikes!

Taking big sister on a trip to pick her baby sister's first outfits.
We are going to specifically be open to only a girl.  The one and only reason behind this is that we have no more room in our house for boys!  Our three boys share one bedroom, and Anna Faith has a bedroom to herself.  We are, however, open to any race.  We are aware of the needs and issues surrounding raising children of a different race than ours.  We are already educating ourselves and asking wisdom and advice from others who have walked before us and faced various obstacles and blessings in raising a child of a different color.

Waiting for you, little sister!

The timing of this adoption is a huge question mark.  We are doing this adoption independently, meaning instead of an agency we have hired a local adoption lawyer to advocate for us.  Birth mothers come to him frequently, as his name is well known in Kentucky and surrounding states.  As soon as we hand him a profile of our family in the next couple weeks, he can show it to birth mothers and we may be matched immediately or have to wait indefinitely.  So potentially, our baby girl could be home between two months to a year from now!  Talk about messing with your head when you're type A!

Watching the balloons they released toward heaven after praying for their sister
Please be in prayer for us as a family, that God will prepare us for our newest addition.
Please be in prayer for this precious birth mother who is yet to be identified, that we will be able to meet with her, share Christ with her, and encourage her.
Please be in prayer for our daughter, who may very well be forming in the womb of her birth mom right now, that God will protect her from harm and weave her together to be who He has planned her to be for His glory.

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