Monday, January 12, 2015

Another one-week countdown

Surgery #5....I was really hoping we'd never have to reach that number.  Anna Faith has always been so tough and recovers quickly, but the agony of waiting, the risks of anesthesia, the torture of stitches removed at home by a reluctant mommy nurse, I was hoping it was all behind us.  But unfortunately, it isn't.
Our Little Lady has another plastic surgery to endure.  It is scheduled for 8:00 a.m. on Tuesday, January 20th.  The removal of one of the large nevi on her scalp healed poorly, causing a half-dollar sized bald spot to form due to new skin growing in over a 2 month period as the incision site pulled apart and wouldn't heal properly after surgery #3 last year.  She also has a jagged scar line along the front of her neck where Dr. Chester couldn't neatly cut the second half of the nevus there last summer.  She left several tiny dots around the line as well, so this time she can get all of them and create a smaller, less noticeable incision line that won't be so obvious as her neck grows.

Christmas 2014

Her first United States Passport

Every surgery is scary.  Fortunately, we know what to expect and know many of the staff with anesthesia and outpatient surgical services by name.  They love to see Anna Faith come as she greets everyone and is polite and cooperative (at least before surgery!).  We still covet your prayers as every time she goes under general anesthesia there can always be a complication.  There are always risks and we know that ultimately God is in control, not the physicians, anesthesiologists, or nursing staff.  Please pray for peace for our hearts, pain and nausea control for Anna Faith, and skilled, complete work for the hands of Dr. Chester as she hopefully cuts and stitches Anna Faith's skin up for the last time.

After surgery I hope to give this blog a cleaning up and try to add some new tabs.  My heart is always learning new lessons as our family grows and I want to share them with others to encourage, motivate, and teach through experiences I encounter in this life.

On a boat tour to see dolphins on the Gulf of Mexico

Making sand pizza 

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