Monday, August 12, 2013

Surgery #1: Centennial Women And Children's Hospital

Today was a journey of faith.  We are tired and thankful.  After driving 3 hours and spending the night at a nearby hotel, we woke up at 5:00 this morning to get ready to be at the hospital at 6:00.  We didn't sleep very well last night.  Anna Faith could tell something was up when we left without her brothers and Josiah was crying.    He left his favorite stuffed animal in her carseat with this message "I love you a hole lot Anna Faith".  She didn't want her favorite foods at the restaurant we ate at on the way.  She was already suspicious something was happening.  We gave her a bath and it took what seemed like forever for her to fall asleep.
Biggest brother Josiah left this in her carseat before we took off for Nashville

When we got to the hospital we thought she'd ask for her cup since she hadn't drunk since bedtime, but she didn't.  I was amazingly peaceful.  We know it was prayer. We brought her new favorite toys and they kept her distracted.  It was hard to find where we checked in and we walked around for 15 minutes to find the right department.  That's a little disconcerting when you're late for check in!  Huge hospitals are frustrating in that regard.  The staff was very sweet and compassionate and got us right up to her holding room.  She was weighed and measured by a nurse aide and her vitals taken.  She didn't want to change into a gown right away and seemed a little taken back by all the people in scrubs and hats, but still played and didn't cry.  Anesthesia and Dr. Chester came in to see us and answered all of our questions.
With Dr. Chester before surgery
I held together until anesthesia came in again and decided to give her some versed liquid to make her relaxed before carrying her into surgery.  That is when I broke down and told them it was hard to see what was a part of her go.  Her nevi are a part of who she is, and why she is a part of our family.  When it was time to go, the nurse anesthesist and another nurse were talking over her antibiotic dose and she mentioned her weight as being 15 kg.  I corrected her and said "No, she is 11 kg.".  They were surprised and realized the nurse aide entered it in wrong.  We could have avoided a disaster in the OR!  God is so good for me to overhear their conversation.  Later, the nurse in the holding area told me they are now changing a policy so that only RN's can enter the weight and height on the children.  Maybe more disasters can be spared because of this mistake.  What happened was her height and weight were switched :33 1/2 inches for 23 1/2 pounds.  That's a big difference!
When it was time to go she cried because her toy was being taken from her.  She was loopy and sticking her tongue out at me but having her toy taken made her mad at the surgical team.  They gave it back and took her with it and she was happier.  We walked them to the doors to the OR and had a tearful goodbye.  
Unfortunately we had no cell phone reception so had to communicate via internet.  Kris went outside to call our parents to tell them they took her back.  It was 1 hour later than our 8:00 surgery time.  Half an hour later we got a call in our room to tell us Dr. Chester had just begun the incision.  They we waited.  An hour later we got an update that she was still working on the scalp but it was going well.  Finally at 11:30 Dr. Chester came in to tell us all had gone well.  She got a good portion of the line of nevi along Anna Faith's scalp and forehead but left a clump in the back.  There wasn't enough skin to cut it out and stretch the skin over.  Fortunately she'll be able to finish it in a future surgery while working on another spot.  I'm going to take her gauze off on Thursday so we don't have to drive 3 hours each way to the office, and we'll figure out later when she'll have her stitches out.  I was told she has over 30 stitches that stretch about a foot across her scalp.  Not much hair was cut, and they kept it for me to put in her baby book.  So that means we'll have pigtails soon!

Waiting her turn to go to surgery
After Dr. Chester left the room, surgery told me one parent could go back. I volunteered.  Kris wasn't too happy that he had to wait, but I had them take this picture and bring the camera to him.  She was mad, like they prepared me for.  She hated her IV, BP cuff, and her gauze on her head.  She couldn't hold her head up and was thrashing and moaning.  It was pitiful.  I didn't really cry, because I was so happy to see her awake and responsive.  Her vitals were great and I was told there were no complications during surgery.  I gave her some juice which she took quickly and immediately she threw some up.  After about 20 minutes we could return to her holding room.
First moments in recovery.  She was so mad!
 We took her to her room and gave her more juice.  She threw up again.  She was so tired and just wanted to lay down and be left alone.  Finally after more moaning she fell asleep.  Her IV stopped working, and the nurse took it out.  She didn't flinch.
Finally getting to take a nap
 The nurse wanted to wake her up a couple hours later to see if she'd take liquids so we woke her up.  She seemed more alert and took more juice, which seemed to stay down.  We even got a little smile once when we sat her in front of her ipad.  We signed out and she was discharged!  As soon as we got out of Nashville, she threw up two more times, but went to sleep for the majority of the ride home.  She was so glad to be home and started to play with her brothers when we came in the house and ate two rolls.  At 8:00, no vomitting, but she's getting fussy again.  Praying for good sleep.  She doesn't like her gauze hat at all!
Awake and alert before going home.  
Thank you so much for all of your prayers!  I'll update again on Thursday when we have the "reveal" to show everyone the "new" look for Anna Faith!

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  1. So glad surgery went well. I love your beautiful angel! :) Almost 6 months home already...where did the time go?