Monday, August 12, 2013

Second Birthday Celebration and Show Hope Fundraiser

Getting ready for Anna Faith's reception wasn't easy. I didn't know how many people to prepare for so made enough food for an army. We invited over 200 Facebook friends in the area and also extended family. About 60 attended and we had a blast.  Anna Faith wasn't crazy about all of the attention, but when left alone played and enjoyed all the kids who attended. We held it at our church's fellowship hall so there would be enough room for everyone. It was perfect. There was a big screen in the room that played video clips about the plight of orphans in the world and how Show Hope is helping thousands of them get the medical care and means to get home to their forever families.  We also played our "Gotcha" video which shows our first few weeks with her, beginning with the first moments she was in our arms.   About $700 was raised for Show Hope. I know it will mean a lot to Anna Faith to know one day when she's older that the celebration of her life brought other orphans hope for a future.

The Smith family came with their adopted daughter Micah.  They live in our area and we were delighted to get to know them!

Playing with her new Chinese baby that Grammy gave her

Josiah and his buddy Hayden hanging out at the food table

I made a hydrangea cake with matching cupcakes in honor of our fourth flower in our family

Our big spread

The Show Hope table

Not quite sure about all the people singing to her.  She just wanted to play with the cake!

blowing out candles

At the punch and cake table.

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