Friday, May 24, 2013

Three months later: our happy girl

Philippians 4:19 "And my God will meet all your needs according to His glorious riches in Christ Jesus"
I can't believe it's been three months since Anna Faith entered our arms.  The time has flown.  Little Lady has simply amazed us all.  We are constantly being told how happy she appears.  She loves to smile!  This past month we have learned more about how uniquely God has made our daughter.  It is not uncommon to hear her in the car or house singing.  She can't say many of the words clearly yet, but she picks a song and sings to herself or with others.  Her favorite song is "Trust and Obey"since we have recently been singing it often in homeschool.  She also frequently dances to herself with a big smile as if a song is in her heart.  She has recently discovered that crayons and markers can be used on media other than paper.  Thank goodness for magic erasers!  Our boys did not get into art as much at her age, so I wasn't prepared for the scribbles everywhere.  She has become very curious about water too.  If there is a mud puddle, water hose turned on, a toilet lid open, a wet recently moped floor, or even windex on a window, she wants to play in it.  With all the rain we've had in Kentucky since she's been home, we have lots of muddy messes after being outside!  She fits right in with her brothers!  She does so well with other caregivers and riding in the car as well.  We love getting compliments of her sweet behavior from the nursery workers or Kris' mom when we pick her up.  
We still have a few residual issues from her early life in the orphanage that we continue to deal with.  She often has night terrors.  It is so hard to see her screaming and tossing in her sleep, wondering what she is reliving in her dreams. She is petrified of machines, from vacuum cleaners to weed eaters to trucks and farm machinery, and if she as much as catches a glimpse of it (even not running) she screams and panics.  At least she is happy to be INSIDE a tractor- Kris has lots of fun when she rides up to a few hours at a time with him. We still deal with crying for attention too.  The only way to distract her from being held when she is feeling needy is to give her food or drink.  That may account for some of the 3 1/2 pounds and 3 inches she has gained in three months!  Overall, we are so grateful for such an "easy" little girl.  God knew exactly what this mama of four little ones could handle and he created her just for us.  
 We continue to count down to her first surgery.  I spoke with her surgeon on the phone today about options for future surgeries since she's had time to look at the photos she took and she believes she can get a second surgery in this fall and begin tissue expansion on Anna Faith's neck after the New Year.  The end of her nevi removal seems so far away, especially when I see her itching them every day and appearing uncomfortable, but God's timing is best and we trust our surgeon's wisdom in waiting.  Surgery #1 to remove all the nevi on her scalp and forehead is on August 12th at 8:00 a.m. in Nashville. Thanks for continuing to follow our story and for all your support!  Here are a few photos taken this past month:

Wearing a Chinese outfit to church.

Tonya's mom came from South Carolina this month to meet her

Baby Dedication- Anna Faith was dedicated to the Lord

Trying to copy big brother in school.  

Making school work: the boys entertain her to keep her occupied

Swinging: one of her favorite outdoor activities

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