Sunday, March 3, 2013

Sunday, March 2: shop till' we drop!

Today was a day full of crowds, bargaining, cold, and more crying. Anna Faith is not a fan of shopping in a big Chinese city! We got up to eat breakfast, dragging since she had another rough night of sleep which was mostly in bed with us, and boarded the bus with our group. At breakfast I met a family from Spain who just adopted their first child. They only speak Spanish so I enjoyed talking with them. They had a 8 year wait to get him. I can't imagine waiting 8 years to get any of my children. We are so blessed!
Our shopping trip was to the biggest shopping district in Guangzhou. It was a long street filled with shops on either side. The weather was in the 50's, much colder than we expected, so we were freezing. A family not using a blanket let us put it over Anna Faith's legs in her stroller. She was very grumpy from a lack of sleep and finally fell asleep after fighting it and having to be carried for a while. We did find some great gifts for our boys and some dresses for her to wear as she grows up. There were beautiful cheap women's clothing stores everywhere, but no one allowed me to try anything on. It was very frustrating! I finally took a risk and bought one blouse, which I loved after trying it on. Too bad I couldn't get more!
After a few hours, we got driven back to the hotel. Kris picked up some lunch for us and we fought Little Lady on rest again. We went out early for dinner and ate at an Italian restaurant. It was so good to eat a dish with cheese on it again! She didn't like it and spit it out. At least she liked the bread and behaved very well inside. After a long happy bath time, we fed her some more and tried to get her to take more ibuprofen since she got her low grade fever back. She fought us on it since she was tired. I wanted to try out Benadryl too since we didn't want to experiment on the plane and she gagged and spit it up with her ibuprofen! Ahh! So we had another rough night with lots of tears. We tried the Benadryl again at 3:30 when we just couldn't get her to calm down, and it kicked in. We had to drag her out of her crib at 6:45.
We're learning that Anna Faith does not like change. She seems to process her frustrations and fears at night and keeps it in mostly during the day. She has night terrors too, not even waking up while standing up and screaming. We feel for her and pray this will pass soon as she adjusts more to being a part of her family and environment.

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