Sunday, March 3, 2013

Saturday. March 2: Medical exams in Guangzhou

This morning we woke up exhausted. Anna Faith was restless and cried in her sleep a lot. We had to look through all of our documents to have them ready for her medical exams this morning so were running late to eat breakfast. We put her in a dress for the first time and she looked so cute! she didn't seem to mind it and liked the shiny buttons. Downstairs, the breakfast bar was overwhelming. There were people everywhere, lots of foreigners and more food than we knew what to do with. We had to eat quickly which is impossible with Little lady who takes about an hour to eat a meal, and we ran into our old friends the Snodgrasses and wanted to catch up. Life was pretty stressful! We got to our group meeting spot late but they were still waiting. We took off for the medical building that does adoption exams and had to wait in several different lines in small spaces for ENT, growth stats, picture for visa, and general exam. It was hot, loud, and chaotic. Anna Faith was very unhappy in public for the first time since we got her. She cried and clung to us. She weighed in at 9.1 kg, which is less than we were told a couple months ago. That explains why her clothes are big on her! She is between 12 and 18 month sizes, but when we comparing her to the other adopted kids, she a lot bigger than them for her age. Her shoe size is only a size 4. we brought size 5. her head is an infant size, not toddler, so many of her hats are huge on her. However, There are 2 year olds who are much smaller! She has overcome a lot of obstacles in her short life to be as bright and as developed as she is. We know there are going to be areas that we will have to work with her with, like attachment to us, social issues like strangers, some fine motor skills like using a fork, spoon, and her fingers to pick things up well, and some gross motor skills like climbing stairs, getting up and down out of chairs, etc. in many ways she's around a 12 month level, in some even younger, but in some an 18 month level where she should be. We discover different things every day.
The medical exams showed her to be healthy and we were signed off for her visa to the U.S. When we got back to the hotel we put her down but she woke up and didn't rest well. I had a meeting about putting together paperwork so was gone while Kris tried to get her to sleep. He went out and got us Muslim noodles before that and they were excellent! We ate lots of noodles when in China the last two winters so it was a welcome sight. During my meeting all the papers were put in place for her visa to be processed and for our consulate appointment. It was good to know it was in order because it is quite complicated.
We took off for dinner but had to fix our ticket confirmation first downstairs. What a hassle! It took a couple hours of phone calls, faxing, getting papers, calling back, and a few trips to the business office later before we found out that they couldn't get it straightened out. We will go to the airport Tuesday and board anyway. The problem was over our lap infant seat, so we figured it wouldn't matter. Later our travel agent wrote us not to worry about it either, so we won't.
Anna Faith had a low fever so we looked for about an hour before finding a store that sold ibuprofen. We were cold and tired so went back to the hotel and Kris got us subs and some stuff from 7-11 for Anna Faith like milk and yogurt. She started feeling better by bedtime and loved her bath, but sleeping was awful. We couldn't get her to go down in her crib, even when laying her down asleep. Finally we laid her down in our bed and she slept some, but it was very fitful. We have come to the conclusion that our daughter hates Guangzhou! We can't wait to get home and normalize our schedule, diet, and home environment for her. Her and our world are upside down right now.
We have really enjoyed getting to know the other families here. They have large families to small families, live in the country and in cities, but all are believers and absolutely love their adopted kids. Some have been here before, so know how to get around. A few have been following our blog since we were previously introduced so it was great to put names and faces together. One couple live in our area and know the dermatologist we will probably be seeing in Nashville for Anna Faith's nevi! These families understand our emotions, fatigue, and joys. We share such a common bond and I hope we will stay connected with them for years to come.

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