Monday, March 4, 2013

Monday, March 4: U.S. consulate, trip to zoo, river boat cruise, andspecial home going info for friends and family.

We had a much better day today! Anna Faith had to be woken up early which did not suit her well since she was up crying during the night again. She cheered up over breakfast in time to meet our guide to go to the U.S. consulate at 7:50. We went with two other families. When we got there, we had to wait with about 10 other families to do a swearing in for our kids and meet individually with the officials through a window to make sure all of our documents were in place. It was pretty easy! Our kids played together with toys while we chatted with other parents. I even met a sibling of my RA at Liberty University who was also adopting a little girl! We couldn't believe how small the world is to see yet another connection while in China!
After our appointment we headed back to the hotel just in time to go to the zoo with our entire group. We had a couple hours to find animals Little Lady would like. She was so curious and looked at everything that was close up or big. If I could make the animal sound she would burst out laughing. Her favorites were the pigs and goats. She pet goats and llamas and got so excited she squealed with delight. On our way back to the bus she fell asleep. Other than waking up when we got back to the hotel she slept all afternoon! What a different girl!
We had a little time to kill before our river cruise tonight so went to a play room in the hotel for kids. She played with blocks but didn't know what to do with them. I'm sure her brothers will help her out when we get home! We met up with our group at 5:30 and got to the river. We were indoors on the second level with a beautiful view just as it was getting dark. The lights of the city were gorgeous! They had just built a huge tower that we went past and every bridge had lights with changing colors as well. Anna Faith ran all around and we had to keep chasing her down. She doesn't try to get people to pick her up anymore, so we're making progress there. She does love to explore though! Her new found freedom is very thrilling to her. Most of the other adopted children are more reserved and stick close to their parents, rarely crying or making noise. Our Little Lady is much different! She already acts like a Dixon kid- energetic and adventurous!
We got to the hotel in time for bed, but still got her a long bath. She wanted to get out of the tub on her own for once, so we washed her up and dried her off. She promptly ran out of the towel and squatted in the other part of our room. I had no time to act. She pooped. Diarrhea, thanks to the Chinese herbal supplement we've been putting in her milk since yesterday to help her constipation. Kris looked at it and laughed. She laughed. Kris called room service and they promptly scrubbed the carpet to clean up the stain. And no, I didn't take a picture. Man, that girl is fast!
Tonight we were going to try the put in the crib and return frequently to reassure her method. She of course cried. A few minutes later, I reassured her. A couple minutes later, she was fast asleep! If only every night would be this easy! We are praying for no night terrors or fearful wake ups tonight. Tomorrow there won't be very long for a nap and we we fly out tomorrow night!
I may not get to update the blog until we are back in the States because of our schedule tomorrow. We'll be getting Anna Faith's visa tomorrow just before heading to the airport with another family, the Collins', and heading directly to L.A. at 9:30 p.m. After a 12 hour flight, we have a few hour layover and fly through the night (still Tuesday night b/c of the time change) and arrive in Nashville at 5:00 a.m. Wednesday morning. We will arrive home at 8:30 to 9:00 a.m. We want our first moments home to be with our kids. They need special first moments with their sister without the chaos of visitors. We welcome visitors throughout the day Wednesday, but please let one of us know if you are coming over so we can plan rest and meals, etc., accordingly. We will not be bringing Anna Faith to church for a few weeks. The attention and crowds will overwhelm her. If you'd like to see her before we bring her to church, please visit! A family coming over at a time will not bother her at all. She would love the attention when in a quiet, contained environment like her home. We will be home almost all of the time unless we have doctor's visits.
We are so excited to get home. Life can slowly return to normal, and Anna Faith can adjust and get used to her family and house. We know it may be hard on her, her brothers, and Kris and I for a while. There are many changes and transitions to come. She will be going to several doctors in a short time to figure out how to best surgically remove her nevi. We have more unknowns in front of us but we are sure of a few things. God is in control, we have our daughter now to be in her family forever, and she is already loved by so many!
Thank you for being a special part of our first adoption journey! It is far from over!

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