Saturday, March 2, 2013

Friday, March 1: shopping, getting a passport and flying to Guangxhou

Today was another day of firsts for Little Lady. We didn't need to be anywhere until 2:30 so we ate a late breakfast with Darrell, Kris' friend who lives in Xiamen before he went back home by train, then went out shopping. We tried to change out more money on the way but there was a very long wait, so went on to the shopping district we went to on Sunday. Kris had found something there have regretted not buying, a wood carving of the island off of Xiamen that he spent so much time at 10 years ago. We bought the carving, went to McDonalds where Anna Faith got to try her first French fries (not a big fan) and went back to the hotel so she could nap before we left. Packing up a week's worth of stuff is difficult to do with dim lighting and a sleeping toddler! I got it done in 2 hours, somehow, with the weights to the suitcases barely making the limits. Kris spent a long time at the bank finally getting Chinese RMB for traveling, and we were ready to check out. We waited 1 1/2 hours for our guide to show up with Anna Faith's passport. The police doing it were in a meeting and she really had to work hard to get it for us and the other family with us. We still had plenty of time to make it to the airport, a one hour drive away, so we weren't too concerned. When we got to the airport, we said bye to Penny, our guide, and shared some more with her. She is not yet ready to follow Christ, but we pray that more families over time will continue to share with her. When we got settled down at a restaurant near our gate to eat dinner, we discovered our flight was delayed an hour. So we tried to kill time by walking Little Lady around, pulling out toys, and letting her meet the people around us. She lights up a room when she walks in. Despite her nevi on her head, she brings comments from Chinese people about how cute she is. We get quite a few stares and questions from strangers, but Kris tells them "these spots are a gift from God, because without them, she would not be a part of our family". Chinese people are not afraid to stare, point, or even gawk. It is part of their culture. They will be blunt about their curiosity. I smile and let Kris talk to them. But sometimes it makes me weary. In the U.S. we will get stares too. That is OK. Anna Faith will smile at them and they will realize she is beautiful on the inside and the outside.
We boarded the full flight and finally departed. Anna Faith was exhausted and fought sleep for the two hours we were in the air. I think her ears hurt because she occasionally woke up screaming. She was such a trooper. One of our guides met us at the airport at 11:00 when we finally arrived. We were the last of 11 families with our group representing 3 agencies to arrive. It was 12:30 by the time we got settled in and Anna Faith got to sleep. Our hotel is gorgeous. We lack for nothing here. We have a suite so she can sleep in a dark room and we can get things done in the bedroom. There are several restaurants just down the road, making it easy for us to get around. Guangxhou is a beautiful, very large city. We are on the 14th floor and have an amazing skyline view. All adopted families stay here, so we're going to have lots of fun meeting everyone staying here.

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  1. Speechless! I Love her and I love your heart.
    By the way, you will need to updated your profile (about me) to include Anna Faith. ;) God bless you all.