Wednesday, February 27, 2013

Tuesday, February 26, Panda World and visit with the Kelly family

We had a great day today! It was interesting at breakfast, as we tried to get Anna Faith to like a high chair, and she threw a tantrum. Fortunately, she doesn't go long before realizing she's not going to get her way. As Kris says to her I've done this three times before, and you are going to figure out soon that I'm not giving in!" We found out later that she had never used a high chair before, but we will still do it since she's not going to eat in our laps after we get home.
We went with our group to Panda World, a park with 2 pandas, several lesser pandas, and a few bears. The park was run down, but still interesting to see. We saw a show with tricks by the lesser pandas. Anna Faith had never seen animals before so was mesmerized, and didn't make a sound the entire time.
After a local lunch and a long nap time, we met up with Kris' old friends from Xiamen, who live now in Fuzhou. They have a daughter who goes to college in the States but is back with her parents to teach for a year while doing online courses. We ate at the Peking Duck, a hot pot restaurant that also served duck. We had both and stuffed ourselves with a feast! Afterwards we took Anna Faith to Dairy Queen to get her first ice cream. She didn't like the cold taste, but loved the flavor! While we were at the restaurant, she decided to get loose. We didn't think she would leave our sight, but realized she is a social butterfly despite her quiet demeanor in public. She walked everywhere smiling big and discovering everything she could, occasionally looking back to see if we were still with her. We got lots of stares by onlookers, but that's Chinese culture. They did that with our boys in China too! She fell asleep on the taxi ride back and we had a great night's sleep. Kris wasn't equally liked with me as much today. She's starting to like me more, at least temporarily. We'll be working on him spending more time playing with her in the next few days.

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