Thursday, February 28, 2013

Thursday, February 28: Buddhist Temple, hanging out by the lake, andvisit with Darrel Six

Today was a tourist day for us. Right now we are waiting for "little lady" as we call her, since she is very girls, to get her passport issued, so we killed time by touring. We started out at breakfast sky ping with our boys. They have been busy making pictures for us and their sister. Nathanael asked a couple times if she was coming home with us and we assured him yes! It was so good to tell them we love and miss them. We are over half way through our separation now.
We met our guide this morning for a planned tour of the oldest Buddhist temple in the Fujian province. We have already seen 2 temples while in Xiamen, so really didn't want to go to another one, but since it was already planned in our package from our agency and we thought we could use it as an opportunity to share with our guide, we agreed to go.
The temple area was very large and impressive. The architecture was very old and intricate. Even the grounds had very old trees and beautiful ponds. However, the stench of incense was everywhere. In every building, idols sat with food and more incense and candles burning before them, and saddest of all, there were many people worshipping and bowing down to them. So many passages in Scripture came to mind about false gods and how it disgusts God. How could these beautiful people, Anna Faith's people, think that a statue can see them, hear them, smell their incense, eat their offerings, and bless them? It can only be the deception of Satan. There are so many strongholds our enemy uses, and in this country, it is false gods who steal God's glory. Please pray for these precious, deceived people.
After we got back to the hotel Kris got us McDonalds since Anna Faith fell asleep in the bus. We are actually getting sick of Chinese food this year since our meals can't be mixed with home cooking. There are just so many dishes in restaurants to enjoy, and then the oil and spiciness get to us. After Little Lady woke up, we went paddle boating on the lake. It was fun for us for a while, but then our legs were very sore! The paddle boats are not very efficient and move slowly. We did a lot of walking around the entire lake. We also went into a large museum for free to see several exhibits. One was displayed dresses in China over the last century. They were gorgeous and interesting to learn about. Then we saw the history of Fujian Province through artifacts found over the centuries. We saw some items from Nanping and took pictures for Anna Faith.
Tonight one of Kris' old friends who he hung around with in Xiamen 10 years ago, Darrel Six, took a train to see us. We went to Pizza Hut and got caught up on how he is doing. Kris has really enjoyed seeing his old friends again while we've been here.
Tomorrow is open. We have no idea what we're doing until 2:30 when we check out, get Anna Faith's passport brought to us, and get on a plane to Guangxhou. As big planners, I hope we'll find something!

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