Saturday, February 23, 2013

Saturday, February 23rd, Xiamen and travel to Fuzhou.

After a good 8 hours of sleep we woke up at 5:00 and started our day at our friend's apartment. After a breakfast of bakery bread (our favorite breakfast in China) we went to the ticket office and purchased train tickets to Fujhou. Two bullet train tickets for a two hour ride cost us $30! We walked around to see where Kris lived for the last four months he was in Xiamen, then walked to a large Buddhist temple that had been constructed since Kris lived here. It had a statue of Buddha that was about 70 or 80 feet tall. Kris shared with a woman who oversees visitors there and she replied "you may worship Buddha too". That is the spirit of tolerance that is prevalent in Buddhism. After packing for a day trip, we got on a bus then took a ferry to Gulong Yu, an island off the island of Xiamen. It was beautiful, and very crowded with visitors. The weather was perfect and since it is still Chinese New Year holiday here lots of people crowded in to see the attractions. We spent a lot of time shopping in the quaint shops with hand made goods, crafts and jewelry. We bought some very cute things for Anna Faith for her future birthdays, and shared her story with several merchants. We also got to see the state church where Kris took many students on Sundays. Two of his friends believed in a service there on Easter Day. He showed me where they were sitting that day.. Some people approached us. One older man shared the gospel with us even though we told him we already believe! They offered us tea, and a young woman named Sissy spent a while encouraging us and offered us materials to take in Chinese so we may share better with others the rest of our time here. We then left the island and walked along the beautiful beach in Xiamen until it was time to meet more old friends for dinner at the university. After a great Chinese meal (so far all we've even is local Chinese food) we were taken to get our luggage and dropped off at the train station. Getting all of our luggage On the train with a large mob of people (they make Black Friday crowds look tiny) was quite a task, as Chinese only travel with a small carry on or hand bag. We got lots of annoying stares as we stopped up lines to load! I got a cat nap while Kris shared with a young man sitting next to us. We arrived just before 10:00 p.m. and met our guide Penny at the station with our driver. She is very sweet, just like we were told! She is not a believer yet. She told us that one family last year spent a long time sharing and explaining the Bible to her and she really appreciated it. We are very comfortable in our hotel room. We've already unpacked our luggage and were pleasantly surprised that our bed isn't typical Chinese-it is a little soft! Every bed we've slept in while in Asia has always been very hard, so this is yet another blessing to us. Now we're up at 5:00 a.m. And can't sleep. The anticipation is killing us! At 3:30 Anna Faith and her orphanage worker, Mrs. Wang, arrive on the 5th floor in the meeting room. There is one other family staying here with another adoption agency too, and they are from Australia. There daughter is in a different orphanage, but will be brought here at the same time today. What an emotional room will that be! When I write our next entry, it will be about meeting our fourth flower. It's still hard to believe!

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