Monday, February 25, 2013

Monday, February 25th. Anna Faith officially becomes ours!

We woke up after a good night's sleep and our fourth little flower stretched for minutes, sat up, and looked at us with a huge smile. We were so relieved she was happy to wake up to us and wasn't sad or scared! We went downstairs to breakfast and discovered she is a messy eater. She loves yogurt, doesn't like eggs and played with them on Tonya's lap and won't eat fruit. We went with our guide Penny and the other adoptive family here this week to the Civil Affairs building after briefly getting to Skype with Tonya's parents so they could meet Anna Faith. She said Grandpa several times as she saw Tonya's dad on the screen. It was so cute! At the Civil Affairs Building we signed the final papers. We were asked why we want to adopt from China, how we were going to care for Anna Faith, had to promise never to neglect or abuse her, and then were asked "do you want to adopt this child?" Of course we do!, was our answer. We went to a notary after that and were asked similar questions, then we were taken to a China Walmart which is just like a Chinese big grocery store, and bought a few things for her like rice cereal, milk, a spoon, bottle brush, a teether since she is cutting a molar right now, and lots of diapers for the orphanage since we were told by them that they are needed and we are supposed to bring the orphanage a gift on Wednesday when we go visit. When we got back Anna Faith was ready for a nap after a little lunch, and fell asleep without as much as a whimper. She slept over 3 hours in her crib! We went for a walk in the evening around the lake and saw beautiful flowers in the park nearby and people doing their nightly dancing outside. We found a local small restaurant and ate fried rice and fried noodles. Anna Faith really wanted to try my noodles and ate more than I did. I will have to try to make them when we eat home! She likes eating off of our chopsticks. We may have to make adjustments with time on that one! We got into the hotel and got her a bath. This time she didn't cry when it was over. We got a chance to Skype with the boys at home and Kris' Mom and they were able to greet their sister. They really were excited to see her! It was a little hard on Nathanael because it was obvious he missed us. kris skyped with him more later and he cheered up. This time Anna Faith fell asleep on the bed next to me. We never put her in the crib all night because she slept lightly and tossed a lot. We were afraid she'd cry and wake up. Tonight we'll try to do the crib so Kris and I can sleep better. It was a great first full day together and a wonderful thought that now she is officially ours!

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