Thursday, July 12, 2012

ETCHED - Isaiah 49:16

"See, I have engraved you on the palms of my hands...."  God was speaking in Isaiah 49:16 about his beloved chosen people, the Israelites, and their city Jerusalem.  They were His children, precious to Him.  He did not want to ever forget them, and tried to explain to them in a word picture how precious to Him they were.
Our Mei Mei is also etched in our hearts, as well as our concrete!  A cement pad was poured on the farm today and each grandchild got the opportunity to put his/her handprint in the wet cement so they would be remembered for as long as it stands there.  I thought of Mei Mei.  She could not be here to put her handprints in, but she is already a part of our family.  It would be exclusive to leave her out.  So here she is, etched forever on the Dixon Farm's cement pad!
So how are we doing?  According to the time line we were given, right now things are going ahead of schedule!  We received an appointment to appear in Nashville on July 25th to have special fingerprinting done to finalize the process of our daughters approval to immigrate to the United States.  When the approval is final in approximately one month, we can send all our paperwork to China!  An optimistic goal at this point is to know who she is within two months.  I can't wait to see her face for the first time, but even more so, to hold her several months later!
This process is drawing me nearer to God.  He is giving me patience during the times of anxiety as I check my inbox and the mailbox, and as I count calendar days away.  He is helping me to treasure more the children God has already given us, holding them longer and spending more time enjoying life with them and not hurrying through busy days.  I am understanding God's heart, how He yearns to hold us, look into our hearts, speak to us, and pour His love over us.  All of us who are believers were once orphans as well.  Think of how our Father was waiting to seal YOUR adoption- the anticipation for the moment you gave your heart to Him and the rejoicing when that moment happened?  We are so blessed with an inheritance of heavenly riches and a Father who lavishes us with eternal pleasures.  Our Mei Mei will be introduced to her forever earthly family soon, but I should be even more excited about introducing her to a heavenly Father!
Thank you so much for your continued prayers, inquiries, and encouragement.  We are so blessed to have special friends and loved ones who lift us and Mei Mei up throughout this seemingly long process!  We love you!

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