Friday, March 23, 2012

One interview down, four to go....

We just got off the phone with our adoption specialist. She is wonderful! We talked for 1 1/2 hours about lots of important issues surrounding our adoption process. I feel like we can trust her to be on our side and do everything she can on her end to make these next 12+ months as smooth as possible. While we wait for our next interview, we have lots of homework to do. There are hours of seminars, modules, books, and arcticles to read and check off on before our dossier can be sent off in about six months. On the fun end, she told us we should be safe to start telling everyone. That means all of you will be reading this soon! Yay! No more secrets! I think our moms will be the happiest to hear this news. They are going crazy to get the cat out of the bag! I look at all the flowers that are blooming around our house: irises, tulips, lily of the valleys, dogwoods and cherry blossoms. Will our daughter be here to enjoy them this time next year? Will she be able to run and play in the mud with her big brothers? I hate unknowns, but can rest in the assurance that God is watching over her right now, answering our daily prayers to keep her safe and loved until she joins her forever family.

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