Saturday, March 3, 2012

Narrowing it down- finally!

We're getting closer. I can't believe I can say that with certainty now! This week we finally were handed some optimism. There may be a different plan now. Originally we wanted at least two girls at one time, but now we may have to decide that the Lord will give us one at a time. This may be best for our family to adjust, but it won't be better for our eager hearts to complete our family! We have talked with 10 different agencies, and surfed the web to look at probably a dozen more. Finding two little girls from the same country is nearly impossible to do within a reasonable amount of time, unless we adopted from some countries we aren't completely comfortable with and agencies we haven't had a good impression of yet. Simply said, God hasn't given us a peace about it. We have one country singled out as the best option after looking closely at all the options and requirements. If we do not pick this country, chances are we will adopt domestically. The only requirement is that she is not a Caucasian American! Who knows, we may end up doing both over the course of a few years! Several more phone calls are in order for this next week, and then we may know. I'm getting excited about finally being "pregnant"! Kris and I surveyed the bedroom last night and discussed how we would fit them. I still can't wrap my mind around having pink and/or purple in there, but there is time for the idea to sink in. I pray daily for our girls, that God would protect them, provide for their needs, and send loving hands to hold them and love them until Mommy and Daddy come to take them home.

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  1. And pray for their birth family, since your daughters may not even be born yet!