Wednesday, March 7, 2012

Almost paper pregnant!

We have an agency and a country! After prayer, many questions on the phone, and discussion together, Kris and I have decided who will be assisting us in adding our first daughter to our family! At first, we were closed to adopting from China. The requirements, suspected corruption, the long wait we thought existed....they all didn't look appealing to us. After a month's worth of phone calls and emails, we discovered that China is actually the most open door for our family's specific limitations. What we thought were barriers actually are not. With three boys, we could not adopt domestically without many hoops and possibly a long wait. Most birth mothers want childless families to adopt their babies. With other countries, we found either high cost, multiple or long trips, long wait, risky investment, or limited availability of young girls. The open door is the Big Chicken (as our boys nicknamed it because it's in the shape of a big chicken). Adopting more than one child is not an option due to requirements our family can not meet, so we feel the Lord is guiding us to go one at a time. Our eagerness to adopt at least two children will have to stretch for years, but the wonderful thing about the program we chose is that we will have our first daughter in our home within 12 to 15 months! My heart is lighter now that we will be "paper pregnant" within a week (once our application is sent and approved for our agency). Woo Hoo!

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