Wednesday, February 22, 2012

So many choices, so many frustrations...

We are just realizing how complicated and frustrating picking a country and agency can be! Phone calls, email, surfing dozens of web sites, asking friends who have been where we've been recently....It's enough to drive one insane! I have spent multiple hours online looking at options, viewing pictures of children, and shedding tears. I have been on the phone with three agencies in the last 3 days. Kris reminded me today as I cried after looking at a video of a little Chinese girl with club feet dancing and singing "Don't get too attached". I just want all of them to come home with us! We long for God's direction and peace right now, as there are still so many unanswered questions. Will we "know" when we see a photo? Will we "know" when all the figures and requirements add up? Will we "know" when we pray and God moves us to fill out that formal application and jump in? Will we be kept in the dark for months (or dreaded years) until our faith is much stronger and we get on the plane to get matched and meet our children? I'm excited, anxious, hopeful, and already in love with our kids. They are out there, I know it.

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