Sunday, January 29, 2012

All in God's Timing: Realizing the possible

Kris and I shared our 1, 5, and 10 year plans with each other last fall. How I hoped the possibility of adoption was in his plan like it was in mine! I prayed God would work on his heart without my wining and pleading. Then, before we looked at each other's plans, we went on a date. Kris brought up adoption. My heart leaped. Could he really be thinking about it?! Would it really happen? He was sceptical and guarded but he agreed to think about it in months to come. That was good enough for me!
While shopping online for Christmas gifts, my eyes fell on a book: Orphanology. The description captivated me. It was about having a God-centered focus on caring for Orphans based on the Biblical mandate to do so. I bought it. When it arrived, I tore into it. I told Kris how he would love to read it, as it included quotes from his favorite author, John Piper. When he got a hold of it, he wouldn't put it down and wouldn't let me have it back! We went on another date. This time, Kris couldn't hold back tears as we talked about what he was reading. God had a grip on his heart. He cried out "We need to get a whole bus full of them!" I was shocked. Oh me of little faith! Why did I doubt God? Why did I dismiss the dream He put in my heart as foolishness? He wanted me to wait until HIS timing was right. God was about to rock our world. I started this dream thinking about one baby girl for my boxed-in-dream. God doesn't work like that. He wants to blow the top off! He wanted us to not just open our hearts to one little child who needed a family. He wanted us to come to a greater understanding of His greater plan. I will explain what He taught us in my next post.

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